BSI Online is the first and only complete, web-based backflow tracking system. Easy to use and even easier to sign up, BSI Online will automate and simplify your backflow tracking program.It’s designed to increase backflow testing compliance, while saving you time.

Expert Program Startup

BSI will construct your database and mail all test due notifications.

Easy Test Entry

All test reports filed electronically by the tester via BSI Online. Tester pays a $12.95 filing fee for each report.

Extraordinary Reporting

Water Purveyor has full control of its program with 24/7 access and detailed reporting.

Additional Program Features

  • Ability to search, sort, and export any data into an Excel spreadsheet format, making them GIS compatible.
  • The BSI Online backflow program allows multi-user Municipal access, including comprehensive reporting features.
  • The program is secure. All report data is automatically checked for deficiencies, while keeping all data protected and confidential at all times.
  • The BSI Online backflow program verifies all backflow contractor licenses and test kit calibration certifications.
  • The BSI Online backflow program is a green program — reducing paper waste by 93%.
  • The BSI Online backflow program includes complete customer service. All water customers are directed to BSI and will speak to a live human being.

BSI Online does not follow the trend of rising costs. Regardless of the number of assemblies, our Online Tracking System will keep your Municipality compliant for one low annual subscription fee.

BSI Online Cost

  • Any Size Population


In-house Program Cost Comparison

The typical annual costs shown cover data input, water customer and test company communications, filing, mailing preparation, supervision, etc. These are the costs that go into the proper tracking of backflow assemblies each year. As the number of assemblies rises, the cost to track those assemblies grows.

$11,660 Annually
Avg. Population – 10,000
$25,375 Annually
Avg. Population – 25,000
$50,750 Annually
Avg. Population – 50,000

Frequently Asked Questions

ABSOLUTELY! The $495.00 annual fee to the water purveyor is guaranteed throughout the life of your contract.

BSI Online is funded by a $12.95 filing fee / per backflow report, which is paid by the BACKFLOW TESTING COMPANY when filing reports. Please contact us to learn more about how this creates a truly equitable method of funding your program.

BSI takes care of notifying your local backflow testers and we go to great lengths to get them acclimated to the program. Our team is incredibly friendly and always willing to help, no matter how long it takes.

As with any change, there is always a period of adjustment. However, the backflow testing community has embraced BSI Online, as it provides a wide variety of benefits to the testers. Testing companies have become strong advocates of BSI Online, as can be seen in our testimonials.

YOU DO! The backflow information regarding your water customers belongs to you and is accessible 24/7. We provide a wealth of reporting features which we can demonstrate in our web demo.

BSI takes the security of your records very seriously. All information is stored on secure servers and is backed up continuously. Contact us today to learn more about the steps we take to protect your data.

BSI sends two notifications on your behalf. However, our goal is to be as accommodating as possible to our customers, which is why we offer additional letter generating options. To learn more, click here!

Your compliance is directly proportional to the success of your program. From real time non-compliance reports to customized notifications, BSI Online provides you the tools to increase your compliance immediately! To view examples of cities similar in size to yours, schedule a demo today.

Excellent question. BSI has an entire department that is dedicated to researching proper mailing addresses and to working with your water billing department to ensure that your records are accurate.

BSI is a full service backflow management firm. We can assist you with every facet of your program, from rewriting your ordinance to boots on the ground inspections. Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you.