Isolation vs. Containment

With recent water quality and backflow related issues across the county, a proactive, comprehensive, collaborative approach towards cross-connection control is needed. Many states and/or water purveyors only regulate and track a backflow preventer at the service connection or containment. Majority do track internal plumbing devices or isolation devices on behalf of building code and plumbing [...]

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Baby Steps

Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters Building in DC “Small changes can make a big difference.” In our previous blog post, we explained why and what rules support a backflow program. Today we are talking about what a comprehensive backflow program looks like. We repeatedly hear from utility operators, public works director's, [...]

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Why Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention?

“The best protection for public health is prevention, not cleanup.” – John McNabb A popular discussion we have with potential and current customers is why have a cross-connection control program? Is there a significance to having one? What legislation supports having a program? We hope to answer a few of those questions below. The [...]

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We’re Going Social!

We are proud to announce a brand new feature to BSI Online, starting on July 17th we will be launching our highly anticipated blog along with our social media platforms.

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