Customer Spotlight: Town of Southern Pines, North Carolina

The Town of Southern Pines transitioned to BSI Online in late 2015. Their program started small with 93 devices and it was a traditional, manual program, such as, collecting the occasional test report faxed or emailed in and preparing/sending annual notifications. Since transitioning to our automated website, utilizing BSI’s expertise and additional remediation services [...]

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Have you ever taken notice that words, through repeated improper usage, eventually become the norm? And nobody questions it anymore as it becomes a part of our daily lexicon. When I travel, I take notice to what people call certain things. Take for example, the carbonated soft drink. Throughout the South, where I live, we [...]

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The Importance of Vital Device Information

If an incident were to occur and there was no record of what type of device, size, location, previous test history, who tested the device, or proof the tester is/was licensed, there could be serious ramifications for not only you, but citizens, administrators, and your entire water supply. Below is an excerpt from the Tennessee [...]

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Type ll Assemblies: Everything You Need to Know

By: Jody Hill | Director of Field Operations for Backflow Solutions, Inc. Through the evolution process of backflow prevention assemblies, the detector assembly was created for use primarily in fire protection system installations. The concept was to add a detector assembly and low flow meter to detect leaks or unauthorized usage within the fire [...]

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Deep in the heart of Texas!

With April coming to an end, we've added 3 new water purveyors to the BSI family in the last month... all in the Lone Star State!

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Irrigation System and Backflow Testing

A cross-connection is defined as any real or potential connection that could contaminate or pollute the public water system or your drinking water. Cross-connections are caused by backflow. Backflow occurs when a loss in water pressure, often due to the opening of a fire hydrant nearby, abnormally heavy water uses or a water main break, [...]

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Most people, when they hear outsourcing, get scared. Whether the fear of the contractor “replacing” their job or fear of not getting the same service as you would be handling the job internally. Speaking from our market and field, we do not “replace” an employee or a person’s job but supplement to make running a [...]

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Backflow Solutions Series #2: How Do I Populate My Backflow Inventory? The Survey.

In some states, water purveyors are required to send out a cross-connection control survey to all properties, as a means of collecting information about properties who might have a health hazard and/or a backflow device they might not know about. Surveys are strongly suggested as part of the EPA’s Cross-Connection Control Manual. We hear so [...]

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Backflow Solutions Series #1: Public Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin Our #1 customer service phone call here at BSI is, “Why do I need to have this device tested?” Our customer service team handles these calls with tender care and patience. Our goal is to inform and educate the caller on the who, what, [...]

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