Most people, when they hear outsourcing, get scared. Whether the fear of the contractor “replacing” their job or fear of not getting the same service as you would be handling the job internally. Speaking from our market and field, we do not “replace” an employee or a person’s job but supplement to make running a [...]

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Backflow Solutions Series #2: How Do I Populate My Backflow Inventory? The Survey.

In some states, water purveyors are required to send out a cross-connection control survey to all properties, as a means of collecting information about properties who might have a health hazard and/or a backflow device they might not know about. Surveys are strongly suggested as part of the EPA’s Cross-Connection Control Manual. We hear so [...]

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Backflow Solutions Series #1: Public Education

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” -Benjamin Franklin Our #1 customer service phone call here at BSI is, “Why do I need to have this device tested?” Our customer service team handles these calls with tender care and patience. Our goal is to inform and educate the caller on the who, what, [...]

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Isolation vs. Containment

With recent water quality and backflow related issues across the county, a proactive, comprehensive, collaborative approach towards cross-connection control is needed. Many states and/or water purveyors only regulate and track a backflow preventer at the service connection or containment. Majority do track internal plumbing devices or isolation devices on behalf of building code and plumbing [...]

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Baby Steps

Environmental Protection Agency Headquarters Building in DC “Small changes can make a big difference.” In our previous blog post, we explained why and what rules support a backflow program. Today we are talking about what a comprehensive backflow program looks like. We repeatedly hear from utility operators, public works director's, [...]

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Why Cross-Connection Control and Backflow Prevention?

“The best protection for public health is prevention, not cleanup.” – John McNabb A popular discussion we have with potential and current customers is why have a cross-connection control program? Is there a significance to having one? What legislation supports having a program? We hope to answer a few of those questions below. The [...]

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We’re Going Social!

We are proud to announce a brand new feature to BSI Online, starting on July 17th we will be launching our highly anticipated blog along with our social media platforms.

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