Isolation vs. Containment

With recent water quality and backflow related issues across the county, a proactive, comprehensive, collaborative approach towards cross-connection control is needed. Many states and/or water purveyors only regulate and track a backflow preventer at the service connection or containment. Majority do track internal plumbing devices or isolation devices on behalf of building code and plumbing officials, to ensure their entire water system and customers are safe.

The biggest hurdle we hear from potential clients about tracking both containment and isolation devices is, “I just don’t have the manpower or time to establish and maintain a comprehensive program tracking both devices.” One of the many reasons municipalities across the country choose BSI Online is because we take all the heavy lifting off their shoulders and it allows them to maintain a comprehensive program. It is still their program, we just help manage the mundane administrative tasks and duties. They can rest assured we can and do track both types of devices effectively, returning their time to physical inspections, enforcement, and other value-added tasks to the water system, ensuring water is safe for consumption in all facets of their system.

Backflow is backflow. Backflow does not care if it is internal or near the meter or whose responsibility it is, backflow can and will happen. Often backflow incidents go unreported, but when they do get reported, the cost can be hefty to your staff, water system, customers, and municipality. Is your water system ready for the cost of a backflow incident? More on that in our next post.